Dust Value


One of the most important components of your brand’s online presence is its website, and it is necessary it must be well-designed. Your website should be designed according to your target audience in mind as well as should provide a positive user experience.  

As a result, you cannot afford any website failures that may cause your prospects to leave your website unsatisfied.

Over time, web design has altered; some designs are becoming trendsetters, while retro art has gained popularity in the present world.

In 2022, we anticipate the emergence of new trends in web design that have been lately on the rise. Let’s take a look at the top trends set to dominate the market.

  1. BOLD TYPOGRAPHY: 90’s making a return after a decade-long wait, typography made a comeback with a leading role. Typography with no design or images and a monochromatic colour scheme, large strong lettering is enough to grab a user’s attention instantly. The bigger and bolder the words, the better and more lasting impression a website can make. Having unusual fonts on the main page is a fresh trend, with a blend of creativity and design elements, texts make a unique statement altogether.
  1. HERO PAGE (BANNERS): The hero page is the top priority on web design, the hero page decides the impression the users will have of your website, as it is the first thing your visitors are going to see. An eye-catching hero page entices your visitors to scroll further and keeps them engaged in exploring the other features your website offers.
  1. APP-LIKE EXPERIENCE: Creating websites that deliver an app-like experience, improve user satisfaction, promote brand loyalty, and increase revenue. Since apps have taken a dynamic boost and efficiently establish brand loyalty, a new approach to developing a website that hasn’t existed before has emerged. Websites with app-like experiences make it easier for consumers to navigate and provide customer satisfaction. Creates a one-of-a-kind experience and represents the future of web design.
  1. ONE PAGE WEBSITE: One-page websites have been increasingly popular, owing to their ability to provide designers with a creative edge. It gives the consumer just the right amount of information while showcasing the most important aspects of the brand, making it easy for decision-making. One-page websites are simpler to navigate, more user-friendly, and less expensive to build and maintain.
  • ILLUSTRATION: One of the most effective strategies to keep visitors on your website is to use illustrations. It makes your brand stand out among others. Designers are trying every possible way to make the website unique. The two types of widely used styles are as follows:
  • Abstract style
  • Collage style

Abstract illustration continues to rise in popularity as it provides an opportunity for designers to create something beyond the tangible. Abstract has an organic texture that gives a personalized touch to the design. It breaks a lot of barriers incorporating various mixes and matches of textures and effects for different mediums which has endless possibilities.

Collage style graphics can add a tactile sense to the design, free up additional white space, and allow you to incorporate images without making the whole thing revolve around a photograph. It’s a technique designers put together by assembling different material pieces to create a new form of art.

  1. GENDER NEUTRAL DESIGNS: It is becoming a universal standard to have a gender-neutral design that is appealing to all masses. Designs with a straightforward and aesthetic approach set the bar; it’s not about being thoughtful; it’s about being balanced, accepting all communities, being equal and inclusive of everyone. Visitors are more attracted to your website when you take an impartial approach, which goes beyond the conventional presumption.
  1. SIMPLICITY & MODERN MINIMALISM: In recent years, websites with simple and minimal designs have grown in popularity. Because there are fewer objects on the page, these websites load quickly. This makes the website responsive and allows you to prioritise the product you sell by removing unnecessary elements that take up space. Minimalist websites with a modern touch load faster and are frequently simpler to create than complex designs. Furthermore, they convey a professional and clean image to visitors.
  1. CREATIVE SCROLLING EXPERIENCES / PARALLAX SCROLLING: Parallax scrolling is one of the most important animation tools in web design. A method for creating a 3D effect and an optical illusion. An optical illusion is created when different layers of content or graphics move at different speeds. The use of parallax scrolling enhances your brand message and increases conversions. Having an interactive website keeps users engaged. A classic effect that is still popular among today’s youth.

Conclusion: Web design bar is raising higher every year with new trends and gaining mass attention. Keeping up with the newest web design trends ensures that they are ready to stand out among the competition. We’ve seen designers embrace nostalgia re-thinking and re-defining art blending it with creativity and re-designing the future in 2022