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Some useful marketing strategies for those in the education industry

It’s probably no surprise to any one of our readers that the COVID-19 pandemic – or, as we’ve collectively come to call it, The Pandemic – dealt a massive blow to the education industry across the country over the past two years. This was mainly due to the shift, en masse, of physical classes to online platforms: a move which was protracted further by a range of issues both infrastructural (the lack of internet connectivity or adequate technology) and pedagogical (maintaining discipline in students or even their interest in the lessons).

However, while the shock of the pandemic may have accelerated it to an undesirable degree (undesirable especially to those in the more economically-depressed sections of our society), digital education is where the world had been heading anyway for the past decade or so – with the rise of a host of different specialised online platforms such as Byju’s Toppr and Unacademy becoming all the rage among the urban middle class. And if the future of education in India is going to be digital, why not try and embrace its counterpart in marketing as well?

“OK, but how will digital marketing benefit me?”

  1. Given that a majority of students spend a significant amount of their time online these days, targeting them there is practically a no-brainer. Digital platforms such as social media hence provide ample scope for interactions with potential customers, especially if they’re interested in what your brand is offering.
  2. Speaking of social media, it helps immensely in not only building your brand but also boosting your presence – thus building a loyal base of customers who, in turn, can introduce your brand to wider networks of potential customers.
  3. Tools such as the SMS and email enable you to adopt a far more personal form of communication with your audience, which is (one of many reasons) why conversion rates are exceptionally higher in digital marketing. Also, as you can probably imagine for a kind of marketing that revolves around these tools, it is also highly cost-effective and economical in comparison to traditional forms of marketing.

Now that we’ve (hopefully) convinced you of the efficacy of digital marketing for educational brands, here’s a few helpful strategies that you can adopt to make the most of it.

Make yourself known on social media

This harks back to the first of the five benefits we’d listed earlier, but it’s such an important and basic step in the digital marketing process (and will likely continue to be so in the future until social media is replaced by another radically new way connecting with each other) that we feel it bears repeating. If you’re in the education business, your students are likely to belong to the so-called ‘millennial’ (Gen-Y) and ‘zoomer’ (Gen-Z) generations – both of which are among the most popular demographics on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Hence, building your business’ popularity amongst these demographics with relevant content (that is typically informative and quirky in nature) is the surest way to build a rock-solid base of followers on which you can build the rest of your digital marketing brand.

Be mobile-friendly

As we’ve mentioned earlier, a vast majority of your customers are likely to be ‘millennials’ and ‘zoomers’ – i.e., customers who are far more acclimated to the internet via their phones than their laptops (or, God forbid, PCs). And if you wish to guide your brand into their hearts, you need to make your website is optimised for smartphone access.

However, being ‘mobile-friendly’ goes beyond that. It also means that your website should:

  • Be able to load quickly
  • Feature relevant content
  • Have a thorough Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section
  • Have an easy-to-fill inquiry or sign-up form
  • Provide a range of contact options on every page

Let them know you’re loved!

As far as proof of your brand’s value is concerned, literally nothing beats testimonials in terms of sheer efficacy. Ask your former customers about their experiences with your services, in both text form and video form (more on this in a while) and post them on your social media handles. In addition to this, you can also ask them to leave reviews of your services on Google as it comes with the extra advantage of bumping up your Search Engine Optimisation scores.

Use video content

Fun fact (which you probably know already if you’re an educator): research has found that visual media such as videos improve one’s learning by as much as 400% in comparison to merely reading the same information. However, the sheer utility of videos doesn’t simply stop there as from a digital marketing perspective, video content is a superb promotional tool that is utilised by educational institutions across the world. Sure, good quality videos might be a big investment, but it’s benefits over the longer term are incalculable.

A few of the many aspects of your organisation these videos can cover are:

  • Campus tours
  • Details on courses offered
  • Student housing
  • Additional amenities such libraries and labs

Are there other useful strategies we could name – like hosting webinars by industry expert or using targeted campaigns or even creating an app for your services? Sure we could, but the four tips we’ve listed in this write-up constitute the most basic strategies for any education-based business.

Most of these you could probably do yourself, but if you happen to be looking for a digital marketing service provider to take care of it – some of the best in the business if we may say so ourselves – then look no further.