Dust Value


Branding is an integral part of digital marketing, it helps your brand get noticed. People usually think branding is a piece of cake because they aren’t aware of the power it holds. It doesn’t just consist of a Logo, design, or a visual it’s much more than that. The trio is as important as other branding components and necessary too but they are not all. In this blog, we are going to have a detailed breakdown of branding and what are its components, and how it helps boost the online presence of your brand.

What is branding?

Branding represents your brand idea to the consumer and helps distinguish your brand from the market. It also creates a reputation and a memorable impression. It provides a clear picture of your brand and what it offers and how it will be beneficial to the consumers. It’s the art of shaping strategies according to the targeted audience with creativity and skills, and in return provides the brand a reputation and establishes an identity.

A brand identity consists of elements such as logo, designs, communication, visuals, color, shapes. Everything plays an important role in making your brand stand out. From an attractive color to the design of the logo that leaves an impression, to the tagline that communicates with the audience and on what level. Each step crafts the identity in the mind of the consumers. 

What is an online presence?

An online presence can be defined as an easy way to find your business on the internet. It means your brand/services are visible and accessible on the internet or discoverable through social media which brings in new clients. If you don’t have a brand strategy for an online presence, then in this vast ocean of competitors you will be long-lost. Each company has a uniqueness and branding enhances those unique features and picture it to the targeted audience. Its uniqueness connects the consumers in a practical and emotional way and tends to leave an impact for a long time.

A brand image is a consumer’s perspective towards your brand, crafted by the team members with brand identity and strong strategies. A positive brand image has a lasting effect on the consumers and plays with the mind of potential customers which leads to conversion and generate revenue.  The following are the components of branding that can help boost online presence:

Tell Your Brand Story: If you don’t know the purpose behind your brand, how will the consumers be able to connect with it? You need to first have a vision of your brand and where you wish to see it in the next 5-10 years. A vision keeps you going, it gives you direction, so set your values and principal straight. Tell your brand story, weave success, and establish a connection with the targeted audience. Tell them the truth, being transparent is what people are looking for, don’t tell them what you will do in the future, tell them what you can now do for them.

Get Recognized: Every brand’s dream is to get recognized but how? They lack the basic thumb rule, Branding. Keeping it to the last minute won’t get your brands recognized. You need to have a brand strategy on how to create an identity and image of your brand. The very basic is the brand logo, it’s the face of your business, the more lasting effect it has the wider the audience it reaches and the more revenue it gives. Branding creates an image in the mind that drives new business and increases brand value.

Build Trust: A brand’s reputation is the foundation of trust between the consumer and the business. Trust is built on a realistic promise. People tend to be more inclined towards the brand which is legitimate and has been true to their word. It’s not the quantity that matters, it’s the quality of your business and services which lead the customers to have faith in you. Which ultimately builds your brand reputation. When people are invested in your brand they are likely to stick around for a longer period of time.

Social Media Presence: The world has turned digital, every person has the internet on mobile and for every query, they search on the internet. So, if your brand doesn’t have an online presence like a website or social media then your customers might not know that you exist. You can use online advertising and paid marketing to improve visibility as well as drive traffic. Have thorough research about the market, identify potential customers, and on which platform they could be found. Target those platforms for better visibility.

Set you apart from the competition: Today’s digital era has strong competitors and no we aren’t talking on a local basis, the market has gone global so have the competitors. No matter which industry you belong every field has competition, but with branding, you can enhance your key services and set yourself different from others. It allows you to control people’s perspectives which will tell them why is your product better than others. And when you keep a consistently positive brand experience then customers are likely to select your brand over others.

New Customers/referrals: When you are able to build a connection with your audience, it transforms them into loyal customers. Customer loyalty helps the brand build a database and in return, they refer your services to others and increase market value. Loyal customers support you, once connected on a deeper level, they provide positive feedback to the people they know and bring in referrals. They are many brands that even keep referral programs that lead to bringing in new clients with the help of existing ones.