Dust Value


The pandemic has changed businesses around the world. At a time when businesses are going digital and screen time has increased massively, it’s time to switch to digital marketing. Brands have softened their communication strategies to make content absolutely relatable for the customer.  Instead of flat corporate product offerings or tactics, brands now want to tug at the strings of the customer’s heart.


Digital marketing is cost-effective and has a far greater reach in terms of target audience. It has a huge ROI because your customers are online and ever eager to watch out for more brands. Your social media presence will also let you in on your competitor’s brand strategies and progress.


Social media helps you build a rapport with your customer, as you talk about your origin, journey, values and success stories digitally. It forms a strong connect with your target audience.


  1. What are your marketing needs?
    You must have a vision in mind while choosing an agency. Determine what you want for your brand – Do you want to establish your brand better or do you want to increase your business?


  1. Find an agency that you meets your requirements:

Evaluate the services a company is offering. Is an agency transparent and clear in its communication? Are they skilled enough in using social media analytical tools. Check the number of years they have been in the industry and how well recognized they are. Does their marketing strategy fit in with your business goals?


  1. Do your groundwork:

 It’s very important to do the background research about any agency before you select them. Look at their portfolio of past clients, their work, awards and acknowledgements if any. It’s vital to know everything about the agency before you get into working with them


  1. The Agency’s Niche:

You must get to know the core competencies of any agency that you are shortlisting. If it is SEO services that you are looking for or anything else in particular, make sure the agency has a niche of their own.

Also make sure you reach out to the clients of the agency, learn about their experience. Do check the agency’s presence on google, their ranking & visibility. Learn more about their market reputation.

Once you find the agency, that suits your needs and there is mutual understanding of goals, you can go ahead the ink the deal.


  1. Enquire about the strategy team

A great agency will always have a strategy team which will consider your business goals and marketing needs before executing it.  You must know their style of working and if they consider the following factors:

  1. Your target audience
  2. Valid Information
  3. Relevant Content
  4. New social media marketing opportunities.


Once you select the agency, meet the team members who are playing specific roles for your project. Your communication with them should be crystal clear and you can also gauge whether they are fit to play the roles they’re in. Do they have strong and clear views on different subjects? Are they out of the box thinkers? These are questions you must consider.



Finding the right agency for yourself can be quite a task in terms of research but it is worth the effort.  Once you find the right agency, your profits will be on an upswing, accomplishing your ultimate business goal.