Why does your company need content revamp?

Laveena Sergar


Why does your company need content revamp

First of all, lets understand what content revamp means. Basically the word revamp says a lot, revamp is basically an act of improving the form, structure, or appearance of something. When we talk about content revamp for your company, one of the major reasons is because you have to keep your clients/customers engaged on a digital platform because you cannot be talking to every customer to explain what and how your company does what it does. It’s about making the life of your viewer easier by building a better user interface and content that will prove to be helpful to them.

With the fast pace growing technology, we know one thing that the only constant in life is going to be change. So no matter what you do or how much you do, it is never going to be enough. Convenience is key. Day in and day out, people are working to build better options to minimalize effort with technology. With that being a said, if you want to be a part of the competition or stand out you have to keep giving your customers something to make their life easier so that they come back to you. Your website is a one-time investment and is one of the most critical investment as it is the face of your business. This is the part where a book will be judged by its cover. The more interesting your website, the more traffic it will attract.

A website revamp will give your customers a refreshing new interface to start with. In order to do good business, your website has to be doing good on google as google is one of the biggest search engines ever known. Majority of the population use google in order to find whatever they want, from the smallest to the biggest business. So when you don’t update your website from time to time, you lose a valuable asset which is your search engine ranking points(SERP), which shows your ranking in Google searches. A website revamp will maintain or upgrade your SERP and give you an edge over your competitors. As Google periodically updates its search engine algorithm, you should adhere to these updates when you revamp your website. You may publish some of the best content on the web, but you’re not receiving the traffic you expected. Why? Your content may lack creativity like photographs and videos, just like when we were kids nobody liked reading a book without pictures in them What’s the solution? Review your website and add new features and optimize it so your users can easily read your content. Consider including surveys, wheel of fortune and so on to keep your customers entertained. One of the important things to be taken into consideration while revamping your website is to make your website compatible for mobile phones As mobile phones are easily accessible, a big amount of traffic comes from users surfing the net on their mobile phones, Google ranks mobiles websites on their response. The better the response, the higher your site ranks. The growing number of mobile devices provides a huge opportunity for you to scale up your business.

When we talk about revamping the website, it’s not just for the sake of our customers. It will be helping the company as well, Hacking has become daily occurrences. This is obviously costly for the businesses on the receiving end of this criminal activity. So, is your website secure? If not, you’re at risk. After all, your website is your livelihood and it promotes your business. And you don’t want someone to snatch away your profits, do you? Absolutely not, right! In this unsecure setting, a revamp will provide security for your website. During your revamp, developers will analyse your site’s bug history and build you a better and more secure website. Big companies focus on security issues and readily pay to fix it. Revamping your website ensures the safety of your business, if you update your site periodically. So in order to be a part of the competition and stand out from others, your company needs content revamp.

The Faithful Interpreter

by Jasper Sharp

Our eyes are a barometer, signal lights for feelings held within. At times they are large and glistening, communicating delight, excitement and engagement. At others they seem almost to turn inwards, deadened and unresponsive. They can shed tears of happiness and weep tears of pain. They are the part of our bodies around which narrative most instinctively forms. What we are and will become often begins with the eyes; it is here that love first takes hold, that envy seeps in, that we put together the pieces of the jigsaw that forms the world around us. Organs of extreme sensitivity, they respond to surges of feeling or the physical effects of light and pressure, and broadcast that response.