How Digital Marketing Has Changed in 2019

Leston Sequeira


Digital marketing is going to change drastically in 2019.

Implementation of new technology is one of the big reasons we are seeing change in in digital marketing. The web is getting crowded… there are 1,805,260,010 websites on the web. That means there is 1 website for every 4 people in this world. This is how digital marketing would change this year.

SEO won’t look the same

Apart from people talking into their microphones and voice searching things on their mobile phones, web browsing won’t even take place on a device with a screen. That means people will be searching through devices like Google Home or Alexa. And secondly, Since Google will directly be giving them the answer, the conversion rate from voice search will be lower as the users won’t be visiting your website.

If you built spam links, they would no longer penalize you, they would devalue those links instead.

If you did something like buy a ton of backlinks and get caught, those links would just be de-valued instead of causing your whole site to get banned.

Now if you look at the latest algorithm updates, they are getting more complex and harder to beat. And it’s because technology is evolving so fast.
Google no longer has to just look at metrics like content and backlink count to figure out if a site ranks well. They can look at user metrics, such as:

• Is more time being spent on your website than the other ranked websites on Google?
• Are users leaving your website and going back to the Google listing page?
• Are your brand queries increasing over time? Or do people not see you as a brand?
• Is your click-through-rate higher? Are people finding your website appealing

We have to understand the users more than google in order to serve their needs. Google ranks sites that users love the most. It causes people to come back and keep using Google which increases their overall revenue.
When someone is performing a search, they are looking for an answer to their question. By understanding the motive of their search, you’ll be more likely and able to resolve their problems

Once you do that, you’ll be able to provide the best experience, the best product, or even service that people want/need.
In the long run, this is how your website will rank well in the long run even as they make their algorithm more complex

You can’t build a company off of 1 channel

What do you understand from it?

First of all, popular marketing channels that are used by every second organization which leads to a lot of competitors having the same strategy.
Due to that, you have to make use of all channels. From content marketing and paid ads to social media marketing and SEO to email marketing.
You have to build different channels in order to sustain yourself in this competitive business and use it to the fullest, in order for it to help you in the long run.

If anything happens in terms of change of algorithm which will affect one channel, you will always have your other channels to rely on as you have now built a good diversified base.
You’ll need to focus on new search engines and new content types.

Budgets will start shifting into conversion rate optimization

The cost per click is increasing as more people are coming online.
Facebook Ads have drastically increased as hundreds of affiliates who used to generate revenue over a million dollars a year in income because Facebook Ads were affordable, Facebook reached a point where they had more advertisers than inventory When it comes to many companies, they spend a very small part of their budget on conversion rate optimization.
Don’t forget to include A/B tests in your marketing arsenal, whether you use the Crazy Egg or any other alternative.

You will find yourself doing things like running A/B tests as Ads are getting exorbitantly expensive because your competitors will be doing the same So, what should you do?

You are going to have to keep your visitors engaged by upselling or down selling. Make sure that your existing customers are really happy as the best way to generate revenue is by getting more money out of your existing customers than getting new customers
The key points with upselling and down selling are as follows: 1. Offer more than 1 upsell. 2. When it comes to business time is money and when it comes to consumers whatever makes life easier is gold, this is where automation comes into picture. People want results fast with bare minimal work, hence speed and automation will always win when it comes to upsells. With artificial intelligence and machine learning growing with speed of light, technology is getting more sophisticated. We are going to be on one hell of a ride. It is going to be important to change with the change or be the change.